PES 2021 - Mega Facepack for SP Football Life New Season

Features :  
SmokePatch Football Life in-game Real Faces 
release: 8.Nov.2022 (add +6000 faces)
update 1: 19.Jan.2023 (add +2000 faces)
update 2: 3.May.2023 (add +2300 faces)

* new update is available (01_smkdb_fa6.cpk)
* update 2 does not include update 1

The faces in football life are game-built to approximate the player's characteristics, the real faces of players are available as an option because the file size of the faces is bigger than the entirety of the game.

The total number of players with real faces is 10.600 (rounded)
* excluding the pre-installed ML managers
- Main faces pack: 6200 faces
- Update 1: 2000 faces (30 fixes)
- Update 2: 2300 faces (+100 fixes)
see the players list below

* Please note that we rarely update players' haircuts.
* No requests please, we share all the faces that we have.

- SP Football Life 2023 (version 1.01 or newer)

Release Notes:

- this face pack is assigned to the new database of SP Football Life 2023
- contains 6227 faces in 4 CPK files (+4300 faces in the updates)
- we recommend MEGA Mirror to download such big files.
- at least 20 GB is disk space

How To Install :
1- Extract faces files from archive parts
download all archive parts from the links below then extract the 4 CPK files from the archive.
the files are enormous, and it will take time to extract depending on the PC

2- Copy and replace the CPK files
copy and replace these 4 files in the Football Life download folder as shown in the picture below.

* the faces files are preinstalled, nothing else is needed.
* same instructions for any face pack update.

Credit & Thank To 
majority of the faces in the pack are from previous pes versions or adapted from similar models, players who are not in the database are excluded from the mega pack
around 3000 faces are from our friends in the modding community
- Fleishman
- Lingga
- I3en
- Supernova (Tattoos)
also credited for models or texture:
- CongNgo
- Ronnie10
- Alfra1507
- shaft
- mrk

* compressed size: 24.6 GB
* uncompressed size: 25.8 GB
* archived in 8 parts 3.1GB each
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

Update 1 (6GB)
extract and replace (01_smkdb_fa5.cpk) in the download folder of the game
part 1
part 2

Update 2 (8GB)
extract and replace (01_smkdb_fa6.cpk) in the download folder of the game
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

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