PES 2021 - Tool Player Data Editor BETA

Features :  
Kit Studio 2021 version 1.0.0 – UniColor, UniformParameter, KitConfig, RefereeColor and TeamColor editor, GDB exporter for Kitserver.

ACL files are not used any more by PES 2021 – therefore, Kit Studio 2021 doesn’t use Team4.bin file.

Player's Edit:
Name, Abilities, Positions (Playable & Registered), Motions, Player Skills Card, COM Playing Style, Nationality, Commentary, Export, Import, Export All.
Team Edit:
Name, Short Name, Callname, National, Manager, Stadium Settings, Banner, Rival Clubs, Export, Import, Export All.
Requirements: Installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5 or at latest version) 
How to use?
Open the program then click File\Open OF button.
The program makes backup acctually, but for safety make a backup of your Option File before editing
Choose EDIT00000000 OR choose Decrypter File data.dat
After editing, do not forget to save it.
To save the program
BETA 1.0 known bugs:
Overall Degrees Not Calculated Correctly. Therefore,I use my own formula to calculate them.
While listing Team Squad 1-2 seconds delay occurs.
Important Notes:
Run as administrator
For safety make a backup of your Option File before editing
I have not been buying the game since pes 2018 because my system requirements are weak Help me develop the editor
Apologize to all of me for not being able to  test the Tool
Sorry for my bad english.

Credit & Thank To 
Devil Cold52
Option File Decrypter/Encrypter: Zlac,Tomato4cc 
Player Abilitiy decode: Kudret11,,Mustafa U.
Player position indicator: Fatih Kuyucak
Player & Team Callnames: predator002


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