PES 2017 Tattoo Pack V3.0 for T99 Patch Season 2020

Features :

  • Base models of tattopack by aco
  • All face the real id tattoopack use konami
  • Compatible with all patches using real id konami
  • All face in tattoopack are free from real mod eyes
  • Update tattoo face and the addition of players from previous versions

How To Install :

First Step
  • Encrypt the files EDIT00000000 of the patch that you wear, how:
  • Copy option file EDIT00000000 ke dalam folder TATTO_apiyrens_adit00000_20l7
  • Double klik / klik 2x "tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe"
  • The process runs wait until it completes, and press any key to exit
  • There will be a new file named "EDIT00000000_encrypted"
  • Copy file "EDIT00000000_encrypted" ke folder "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save" dan rename menjadi "EDIT00000000" 
  • Generate t99_tattoo_v3.cpk dibawah facepack
  • Done

The Second Way
  • If you are confused how encrpyt option file, you can simply use the option file that has been provided specifically tattoo, (Special T99 lu v.3.1 29-12-2019 click here )
  • Copy file "EDIT00000000" ke folder "\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save"
  • Generate t99_tattoo_v3.cpk dibawah facepack
  • Done
Credit & Thank To :,Aco,  Eddie Facemakers ,  Mo Ha , Ferdiyansyah sp,  Dawn Rifki ,  Bayu Setiyo ,  Sofyan andri ,  Sameh Momen , Jefferson_SF,  Bebo ,  Huseyn ,  Wer ,  ABW ,  Hsh , Shaft,  Mirukuu ,  Alief , Andrey_Pol, Gonduras2012, Lucas,  Dnb ,Znovik_S ,Kruptsev ,Rednik ,Rasovukadinovic ,Dewa Tupai ,Professional ,BenHussam ,Jonathan ,DanielValencia ,Sotirakis ,Dicky ,Rahul ,Prince Shieka ,Prince Hamiz ,Tentacion ,Vangelis ,Galymtaev ,EmreT ,Windhook ,SantanAji ,Burgos ,The White Demon ,G-Pw ,Pogoss ,Vlad_R ,Litos ,Everest9 ,Lucas Horst ,shaggy ,Andrews ,AlirezaFree ,Ynwa ,cey ,majestic ,gleidson ,bono10 ,futsur ,mariomilan ,galymtaev , tommy-b ,nanilinco144 ,wygno ,maxi 534 ,hawke ,tunizizou, mostafa, hcs cvan for tutorial remove real eyes,
All pes face maker, tattoo maker, pes modder.

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*PES 2017 Kits Pack V5.1 AIO Season 2020 by Geo_Craig90 : Download
*PES 2017 T99 Patch V3.1 AIO : Download 

Download Tattoo Pack V3.0 

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